Four New Advocates Graduate in Keene

CASA of New Hampshire welcomed 4 new graduates from our volunteer training in Keene in March. These individuals completed CASA’s 40-hour required training that thoroughly prepares them to represent children who have fallen victim to abuse or neglect in our state. Each individual that completes training is asked to choose their top three courts that they wish to serve in, helping them make an impact on their community. Each advocate is required to meet with their CASA child or children at least once a month, and develop relations with all of the adults in the children’s lives such as parents, foster parents, teachers, therapists, and more. This allows our volunteers to be able to present to a judge an in depth look at the child’s life and be a strong voice for the child in the courtroom.

After learning about the proper legal, emotional, and personal aspects of being a CASA volunteer, these 4 NH residents are fully prepared to take their first CASA case. They each wrote special words of inspiration that they wish to pass on to their future CASA kids.

Pictured below are: Bill Chretien of Keene, Dianne Duncan of Walpole, Susan Ritchie of Fitzwilliam, and Tom Schiele of Jaffery.