A Sense of Home for the Holidays

Too often, New Hampshire children languish in the foster care system. Sometimes they endure multiple moves to new homes with only their belongings in tow, and lose the sense of stability that a permanent home provides. Having their own blanket and pillow case is a luxury that they may never see.

Now, 13 young children will have that sense of “home” as they search for their forever families thanks to the Queen City Rotary Club.¬†Beginning this fall, members of the Manchester’s local rotary group gathered for one day a week to to start designing quilts for CASA children living in foster care this holiday season. These beautiful quilts came inscribed with the name of each child as well as a matching pillow case, each wrapped specially for 13 children who are involved in the Manchester family court system.

Quilters were given some general information about what the children’s interests were, and carried them into the designs so that they became individualized and unique. These quilts will stay with the children through their future journeys to a safe, loving home.

Thank you to all at the Queen City Rotary Club for this incredible gift!

Watch WMUR’s coverage of the quilt presentation here.