Why We Love Our Volunteers

Volunteers with CASA of New Hampshire embody the heart and soul of this organization. They give selflessly, do heart-wrenching work and expect nothing in return. They give generously their time, use expertise from their careers, or skills they’ve gained raising their own families to make sure New Hampshire’s children not only have a voice in court, but feel loved. They serve on our board of directors, our committees and work in our office and bring with them enthusiasm and a passion for the work we do.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I recently asked our staff to share what they love about the volunteers they work with at CASA, and below are some of their responses:  

“I love our volunteers because they go above and beyond for children and families in our communities.” –Shiloh Remillard

“I love our volunteers because they always bring out the very best in their CASA child(ren) especially with the teenagers. It shows in their reports to the court, as well as in conversations with people about their case and their specific child. I love that about them, the volunteers.” –Jenny Sheehan, Program Manager

“We greatly appreciate the positive energy and sense of commitment that our office volunteers bring into our office environment every day. They all play such an integral part in supporting CASA of NH’s mission of reaching outcomes that provide children with safe, loving, and stable homes.” –Holly McCarty, Front Office Coordinator

“I love our CASA  volunteers because they care about their CASA children and are always willing to go the extra 100 miles to make sure their CASA children have what they need. I have seen them drive hundreds of miles, attend countless meetings and speak up in court over and over again to ensure their CASA child’s voice is the most important voice heard in the court room. Their resilience in difficult environments is heartening to witness and I have often said to my CASA advocates that their CASA child is so very lucky to have them, that we should all be so lucky to have someone like them in our corner in a time of need.” –Kathleen Devlin, Program Manager

I love EVERYTHING about our volunteers!  Their commitment, passion, and fierce advocacy is to be truly admired.  And the fact that they do all of this on a volunteer basis is awe inspiring.  I hope they know how much they mean to all of us.  Each day I am pleased that I get to come to work and interact with such amazing people!” –Kristyn Bond, Program Manager

“I find volunteers so open to learning new things about themselves and sacrificing so much for our kids.  I love meeting them in training and watching their journey.” –Kelly Smith, Training Director

“I love that our CASAs step up to the plate for the most vulnerable children in New Hampshire and I love that they then give their time, energy and sometimes hearts for nothing expected in return.” –Molly Hill, Training Coordinator

“I love that there is a steady stream of people willing to give this demanding and difficult position a try.  They are creating a living legacy within the children they advocate for, and they will never know the positive impact it could potentially have on families and generations to come.  I am so honored and humbled to work with our volunteers.” –Diane Valladares, Recruitment Director

“My Peer Coordinators – experienced volunteers – make my life easier every day by being such strong supports to their advocates, and helping me to cover hearings if I am out of the office or if I am asked to be in two places at once. I love that they are great role models in training and Support Groups and basically by being themselves they are doing extraordinary things for the children and youth of the Seacoast.” –Steve Pruyne, Program Manager

“I love that our board of directors and committee members come to us with great ideas, fabulous connections and are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work on various fundraisers or outreach initiatives. Without them, we wouldn’t be nearly as successful with our fundraising and outreach, which is critical to being able to support the work our volunteer advocates are doing. We have some of the best people in New Hampshire looking out for the best interests of our children. –Carolyn Cote, Communications Director

“We love our special projects volunteer & interns for supporting the front office.  From creating order out of chaos in our closed case file room, helping to organize our pantry for the CASA Advocates Holiday Party, support with development mailings and filing case related paperwork for program managers, and a multitude of last minute projects thrown their way, they are always ready to help wherever needed!  We are so grateful to have their enthusiasm and energy in the office.  Thank you!” –Joy Nolan, Operations Director

“Volunteers come from all walks of life and as a result, each CASA’s perspective and outlook is unique. I value each CASA volunteer’s ability to accept feedback from various parties in their cases as well as program managers. Their willingness to collaborate is superb.  I’m lucky to have the opportunity to learn something new every day from our volunteers who are in the trenches. They are balancing the CASA work; meanwhile, caring for families and working.” –Debbie Brenner, Program Manager

“I love my committee members. They are everything I admire – hard workers, smart people, committed to CASA and really fun to be with. They make my job the best job in the world!” –Jo Lawrence, Community Events Coordinator

“I appreciate the CASA volunteers because they are compassionate and supportive of each other and the CASA program; always eager to grow in their knowledge of trauma and issues affecting children and families; they work hard to establish good working relationships with all involved in their cases.”  –Alicia Connors, Program Manager

“I love the humbled compassion our advocates show to our children and families we work with, regardless of where they have come from in their life. I love the variety of perspectives our advocates offer us. I feel like I am always learning something from them.” –Katie Ronzano, Program Manager

“I love that our volunteers are self-starters they see what needs to be done for the best interest of the child and then they find a way to get it done. Not just advocacy but smart advocacy!” –Jerry Larson, Program Manager

“I love our volunteers because they go above and beyond for the success of our children and the organization!” –Julia Lafleur, Development Assistant

“I love CASA volunteers because they are courtroom rock stars! They come to court prepared and ready to passionately advocate for CASA children. They carefully listen to judges, DCYF and parents’ attorneys during hearings and respond to any questions or positions that are not in the children’s best interest.” –Caroline Delaney, Staff Attorney

To all of our volunteers past and present, thank you for being you! Thank you for the time, effort and resources you’ve given these last 30 years to help ensure that when a child’s future is being decided in court, there is someone there to make sure their voice is heard. We couldn’t do this work without you.