Longtime Donor Encourages ‘Leading by Example’

Dennis (Denny) Ryan believes strongly in the importance of giving back to the community. Whether through volunteer work or financial support, he says the best way to lead is “to lead by example.”

Denny has been a contributor to CASA of New Hampshire since 1995 and has volunteered for a number of non-profit organizations over the years. He first heard about CASA through a talk by Marty Sink, and was truly taken aback by the need for such an organization.

“I was surprised that there really are situations like that out there and that these kids have absolutely no control over their circumstances.”

Since that time, he has been a loyal friend to CASA, supporting the organization annually and during its first capital campaign in 2008.

Denny is truly a community leader “by example,” balancing a successful professional career and family while serving a variety of civic organizations. He joined Howe Riley Howe, a public accounting firm, in 1975 and was a partner with the firm for 33 years. He now serves the firm in an advisory capacity. He has been involved on numerous boards and committees, including the Manchester Region Advisory Board for the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, the board for the Manchester Oval Society, the Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund, the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Neighborworks, and New Horizons, among others. His reason for serving has never been about publicity; rather, he says it is important for people to educate themselves about their community and the causes that are critical to the people who live there, and then to help however you can.

His gift of giving back was learned early in life. Denny grew up in the working class town of Pittsfield Massachusetts to a family that was “generous in spirit,” often helping out others unconditionally.

“If someone has a need, help them out and don’t expect anything in return.”

He believes that his firm, Howe Riley and Howe, should be, and is, an integral part of the fabric of the community. The firm’s leadership has fostered an environment where colleagues and staff are encouraged to give back, in part by, allowing them the time for volunteer work.

“It is important to think about others,” Denny says. The firm itself has been a generous supporter to CASA and other area organizations.

To Denny, giving back is not an afterthought.

“Don’t talk about it, just do it. It’s really not complicated. And it often makes you feel as good as, or sometimes better than, the recipient of your kindness.”

We are deeply grateful to Denny and to all our loyal donors for your ongoing, committed support.