Another successful quarter of virtual training in the books!

In the final quarter of 2020, 45 trainees graduated virtually and are ready to take on their first case.

When we quickly pivoted from our typical in-person training to completely online training, didn’t know what to expect and if it could possibly be as effective as being together in one space. Through diligent work of our training staff and their tremendous ability to adjust on the fly online training has been successful and our participants have been pleased with the quality of the courses. Like it does in the in-person classroom, virtual training is interactive and collaborative. It requires large and small group participation, welcomes guest speakers, facilitates a virtual role play, includes drafting a sample court report, and provides all of the necessary preparation to start advocating effectively.

Going virtual for training has also established the capability to train volunteers from every corner of the state at the same time to be ready to take new cases wherever they come in. With participants from Hudson to Littleton, Lebanon to Ossipee, we continue to reach for our goal of providing an advocate for every child across the state who needs one.

One of the training team’s favorite activities to do during in-person training was to have participants write an uplifting and positive message to their future CASA children. Now in virtual training, they have each participant go around the classroom one-by-one to say their messages. Check out some of the messages from the participants of our recent trainings:

Consider becoming an advocate this new year!

CASA is accepting applicants for future virtual training sessions beginning  February 16 and beyond. Interested volunteers can submit their applications today, or, join an upcoming virtual information session to learn more about the role of the CASA volunteer advocate and get specific questions answered. Register for one here.

Please help us welcome all of our new advocates!: Sarah, Uday, Kaitlin, Nicole, Kerri, Michelle, Ellen, Wendy, Allison, Susan, Linda, Monica, Pam, Scott, Cheryl, Diane, Joe, Paula, Matt, Amy, Kathy, Lisa, Brenda, Leah, Gail, Holly, Tony, Molly, Karen, Susan, Gabby, Elizabeth, Rhonda,Emily, Brenda, Rachel, Natalie, Lauren, Maryann, Carol, Sally, Susan, Helene, Jocelyn, and Emily.