Donor Spotlight: Larry and Hilary Meyers

The Meyers FamilyLarry and Hilary Meyers, along with their amazing family, have been supporters and friends of CASA for many years. Their son Seth (who you may have heard of) has donated two tickets to his show, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and a virtual “Happy Half Hour with Seth” to the CASA Cares live auction, helping the organization to raise thousands of dollars for our advocacy work on behalf of children experiencing abuse and neglect. We are thrilled that Seth will be donating a virtual happy hour again this year at CASA Cares on May 6th, in addition to donating personalized signed copies of his newly released children’s book, I’m Not Scared, You’re Scared.

In a recent interview with CASA staff, Larry shared more about his and Hilary’s dedication to CASA’s mission.

How did you and Hilary first hear about CASA?   

I am not sure exactly when I first heard about CASA. It could have been at the CASA golf event, but my wife Hilary was certainly well aware of CASA from her years as a teacher in the Bedford school system.

Why is CASA important to you?   

There are many worthy causes, but even though our sons are grown and have long been out of the house, I don’t think as a parent one ever forgets what it was like to have children at home. For Hilary and I, as well as our sons Seth and Josh, the years when the boys were at home were joyful times. Knowing that every child does not have that same experience is heartbreaking. The CASA volunteers are a truly valuable part of the support system for children under court supervision. A CASA volunteer, not part of the court system or state’s child welfare apparatus, can take time to get to know “their child” on a one-on-one basis, in some cases over many months or years, and they can offer the court an invaluable perspective to assist in crafting an outcome that is the in the best interest of the given child.

I have met several CASA volunteers, many of whom I knew socially, and to a person they relate how fulfilling the experience as a volunteer has been. Many have worked with more than one child. I am not a CASA volunteer. While I have the empathy, I am also impatient by nature. I would just want to “fix” the situation, and the situations of the CASA kids are not simple or easily fixed. So instead, I try to support CASA financially or any other way that I can.

You are so involved in the community/other organizations. Can you share some of your wonderful partnerships?

While CASA deals with abused and neglected children under supervision of the civil courts, the Child Advocacy Centers of New Hampshire deal with victims of child abuse in New Hampshire through centers that bring together law enforcement, counseling and other professional services under a single roof to compassionately help heal and sustain the victims of abuse while interfacing with law enforcement to punish the abusers. CAC and CASA deal with many of the same issues and occasionally the same kids.

What is something that you did not know about CASA until you became more involved?

The huge number of abused and neglected kids in a state the size of New Hampshire was shocking. In 2021, CASA served 1412 children. If you think child abuse and neglect is a problem that can’t happen here….well it does happen here, and New Hampshire is fortunate that CASA exists to deal with the result.

What would you like people to know about our mission/programs/impact?

CASA wants to provide advocacy services for 100% of New Hampshire’s abused and neglected children. They are the vehicle that insures that the child’s voice is heard as the kids navigate what must be an overwhelming and confusing engagement with the court system. CASA works to coordinate with all of the public and private child welfare agencies in the state to deliver the best outcomes for the kids they serve.


We would like to thank Larry, Hilary, Seth and Josh for their unwavering commitment to New Hampshire’s children.