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CASA Advocates Fred Hurwitz and Marc Clement: 30 Years of Advocacy

Picture this: The year is 1993. Gas is $1.11 a gallon and a postage stamp costs 29¢. It’s the year of low-fat everything, and SnackWell’s cookies are in every grocery cart. Ty, Inc. has released their first series of Beanie Babies, with offerings including Legs the Frog, Squealer the Pig and Chocolate the Moose. And […]

CASA Advocate Molly Ellis: Nonstop From the Friendly Skies to CASA of NH

She came from the skies, bringing her steadfastness, intellect, and sweet disposition along with her. She knew there was a chance of storms ahead, but still she came to help children in their time of need. In the movies, this person would be holding an umbrella and a carpet bag that was inexplicably bigger on […]

CASA Advocate Thomas Monahan: Building Bonds Through Patience and Consistency

“This is one of those nice little fairytales where it starts out ‘Once upon a time …’ and goes through to ‘The End’ where they live happily ever after. It was my very first case with CASA — my introduction to the CASA world.”  This is how Thomas Monahan sets the scene when talking about […]

Donor Spotlight: Support for CASA comes in all shapes, sizes, and latitudes.

Halfway between the equator and the North Pole lies the 45th parallel. Those who live and play in New Hampshire’s scenic and adventure-rich North Country have likely seen the controversial green plaque marking the spot. (Due to the Earth being not quite a perfect sphere, and also the fact that the sign has been moved […]

CASA Advocate Mike Krizansky: Bringing Hope to Children at Home and Abroad

Mike Krizansky, retired design engineer and current volunteer for Court Appointed Special Advocates of New Hampshire, is a doer. If there’s one thing that would be torture to Mike, it’s being idle. From golf, to fishing, to restoring classic motorcycles, his list of interests is robust. And just as robust is the variety of ways […]

CASA Advocate Kathleen Bernstein

After retiring early, Kathleen Bernstein knew she still had more to give the world. Having “spent enough time making rich companies richer,” as she puts it, Kathleen decided to donate the rest of her working career away. She and her husband adopted their own two children, who are now grown, when they were six-and-a-half and […]