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A CASA volunteer advocate is a compassionate, caring adult who has the ability to have a significant impact on a child’s life. CASA volunteers are trained to speak in court on behalf of the best interests of an abused or neglected child. He or she is able to present the court with a “child-centered” perspective of what’s happening in a case.

CASA advocates are given the authority to meet with the most important people in the child’s life – their parents, foster parents, social workers, doctors, teachers and others. While the CASA works in conjunction with the social workers and lawyers involved in the case, he or she provides an independent, unbiased recommendation to the court regarding the child’s future based on the information gathered through his or her time spent on the case. Through their work, a CASA advocate can help a victimized child move through the court process in a more timely manner. Children with CASAs generally perform better in school and spend less time in foster care because of the CASA’s commitment to helping keep the case moving forward

The work is important and rewarding. Your decision to become a CASA helps provide one more child or sibling group with someone dedicated to ensuring their best interests are at the forefront of court proceedings that affect their future. You can be part of a passionate group of citizens striving to provide an advocate for every child that comes to the attention of New Hampshire’s courts. CASA volunteers currently serve approximately 80 percent of New Hampshire’s children. By volunteering as a CASA advocate, you can help us reach every child.


The first step to becoming a CASA is submitting an application. If your application is accepted, you will be invited in for an interview conducted by our staff. We will also complete a thorough criminal background check. Fill out our online application and we’ll receive it as soon as you click submit, or download our application fill it out and mail it at your leisure.

WATCH: Hear from CASA volunteers and one former CASA child about the importance of this work and the impact it has had on all their lives.

Attend training.

All accepted volunteers must complete our 40-hour pre-service training. The curriculum is designed to inform volunteers about courtroom procedures, the dynamics of abuse and neglect, available services and effective advocacy techniques. Check out our volunteer training schedule to see what is coming up in your area.


Check out our FAQs or reach out via email or phone 800-626-0622.