Meet Our Board Co-Chairs

The co-chairs of CASA of New Hampshire’s Board of Directors, Amy Coveno and David Eby, collectively have 14 years of experience as members of the board. They’ve seen CASA through a period of time when it was accepting more than 90 percent of cases, to the height of the opioid epidemic when cases were coming in so fast and furious it was not possible to keep up without adding new staff and opening new offices to help manage the caseload. Last year, Amy and David served as the leaders of the board during CASA’s most challenging year to-date with the coronavirus pandemic requiring a complete shift in everything from how staff and advocates managed cases to how funding was maintained in the absence of critical in-person fundraisers. As Amy and David embark on their final year on the board, and before passing the baton to co-vice chairs Michael Burns and Terry Heinzmann, they reflect on the past year, their goals for 2021-22 and their favorite memories from their time with CASA.

What has impressed you the most about the work CASA has done in the last year? 

Amy: The organization’s ability to pivot. Not just the board but the advocates and the leadership. In a year where the ground was constantly shifting, CASA proved itself to be flexible and creative and committed to the mission. Going virtual but still staying connected and vibrant was truly amazing.

David: I would have to say the way our entire staff stepped up to the challenge COVID presented. Much of the work of CASA requires in person meetings and back and forth dialogue. Our staff shifted this paradigm beautifully with Zoom meetings and through other remote and virtual settings. CASA is fortunate to have such a dedicated group of professionals, all of whom continue to launch themselves into their tasks with enthusiasm and pride, with the common goal of serving our CASA kids.

What are your goals as the leaders of the board for this next year? 

Amy: To help the next co-chairs ramp up and feel confident about the roles they are stepping into; to continue to fundraise in this shifting world; and get back to more face-to-face time with our supporters and donors.

David: We have a strong and vibrant board, with members from around the state and with varied backgrounds. This did not happen by accident. A charitable board by definition needs to evolve and bring in new people, as board members roll off. We are constantly looking for new members who are leaders in their community and in their respective fields of work. Our goal for this year was to bring in another strong group, and we recently voted to bring on 5 new members. With the addition of Paul Chant, Mike Ambrogi, Nancy Sampo, Karen Borgstrom and Tom Stevens, I believe our board is stronger than ever.

Looking ahead, as a Board we will be more aware than ever of the need to reach out to our donors, and to focus on our fundraising efforts so that we continue to push to reach 100% of the New Hampshire kids who need us.

A favorite memory or memories from your time on the CASA board?

Amy: Snowfest will always top my favorite memories! It is the perfect event that allows for socializing and advocating with all the layers of the organization. And we are treated like KINGS. My all-time favorites are the cheating firefighters at snow golf and the fierce competition with the Milford Rotary guys.

David: I have thoroughly enjoyed my many years on the Board, so this is a tough question to answer.  But, I can say that some of my fondest memories have come from our annual Board Retreat meetings. Every year, we gather as a Board with senior staff members, to look at the work we do, our goals for the next year, and how we might get there. And, although these are working retreats, we make time to get to know each other and have some real fun too. I believe one reason our Board is so strong is because of these annual meetings, and I look forward to our 2021 retreat, right around the corner!