2021 Community Partner Award: Tom Boucher

Community Partner Award

Our Community Partner Award highlights CASA’s valuable community partners for their support, engagement and resources that they have contributed to furthering the mission of the work we do. CASA recognizes that we have broad and deep support from the New Hampshire community but we seek to acknowledge those people and companies who have gone above and beyond.

2021 Honoree: Tom Boucher

In 2021, we applaud Tom Boucher and thank him for years of support of CASA. Tom is the CEO and owner of Great New Hampshire Restaurants. Along with his team at FeedNH.org and Great New Hampshire Restaurants, Tom has been a generous donor, friend and champion of CASA’s advocacy work on behalf of victimized children. As a key member of CASA’s recently launched statewide advisory council, Tom serves as an ambassador for CASA’s mission-critical service throughout the region.

In 2014, Tom and his business partner Mark Fenske launched FeedNH.org, a philanthropic arm of their Great NH Restaurants business. Thanks to Tom’s generosity and that of FeedNH.org, CASA has received funds from the “prize wheel fundraiser” at Cactus Jack’s in Manchester, and through the 2018 “Thanks for Giving” program. Last year, Tom and his team provided a generous sponsorship to CASA in order to support restaurants throughout the state through the purchase of gift cards for the CASA Cares auction.

We are exceptionally grateful to Tom for his continued support of CASA. Thank you, Tom!